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50 Research Paper Topic for Marketing Students


The students may find it hard to write on a specific research topic of the essay. There are a number of factors that need to be considered while choosing a topic for your marketing research paper. Such factors include the connection of the topic with the already existing body of knowledge, the relevance of the topic in contemporary research and the nature of the research objectives or the problem statement. 


You need to ensure that a topic is directed at the previous or contemporary problem and you have to get involved in the analysis or research work. I wish someone had suggested these topics to me as I was about to write my essay for my college project. You may ask for help from the experts, professors as well as students from the field of marketing to help you with your topic.  


The research topics have to first get approved by the institution in the form of a research proposal. In the research proposal, you have to explicitly state the justification for the selection of your topic. It can be justified by stating the relevance of the research to the existing body of knowledge in the contemporary world. You also need to write the research proposal keeping in view the MLA, APA format and also strictly avoid plagiarism in your document. 



The field of marketing contains a plethora of topics to write essays on. After my experience as an academic essay writer, I have managed to underpin around the 50 best research topics for marketing listed below. so, you don't need to spend your time on the internet surfing various websites for research topics. Before you dive into the tips and tricks for writing a research paper, you need to consider the below-mentioned research topics. 


1.If the marketing techniques incorporated by the entrepreneurs can help attain the fame of the smartphones

  1. The prospects and influence of e-shopping in China
  2. E-shopping cart in Ecommerce
  3. The impact of the growth and development of the ever-growing Chinese Aviation Industry the International Aviation Market
  4. The influence of the brand ambassadors in the CGP brands
  5. Can the brand health of the local as well as international products be centralized?
  6. How can market experience be enhanced by augmented reality? 
  7. Does the attraction of new customers and retention of the existing customers can be ensured through Automated Service Interaction?
  8. Can optimal value be created by integrating the automated service through the use of smart devices, wearables, internet things and other diversified emerging technologies.
  9. The impact of Ukranian Oil and Gas Industry on the corporate social responsibility, consumer loyalty and behavior: Case Study of NEFTO
  10. The German Christmas Markets and the role of social media in its promotion
  11. The relationship of the customer loyalty and quality of e-service: empirical evidence from European grocery stores
  12. The effectiveness and efficiency in the customer relationship management
  13. The travelling decisions of the international students and the impact of social media in the UK
  14. The pharmaceutical marketing and ethics in the internet marketing
  15. The impact of gender on impulsive buying decisions
  16. How companies benefit from black Friday sales 
  17. Impact on the brand personality on the brand extension
  18. Are consumers immune to the effect of direct marketing strategies
  19. The right way to identify the best social media platform for your marketing business strategy 
  20. Social media Marketing and the brand imaging
  21. Can Snapchat help in the growth and development of small businesses
  22. Why people are compelled towards sharing personal content with their friends
  23. Social networking sites and impact on consumer behavior
  24. The impact of traditional advertising on the purchase of tickets by consumers.     
  25. A comparison of local and international branding techniques
  26. How are products marketed by the manufacturers in the market? 
  27. The consumer buying behavior and sensory marketing role
  28. How is impulsive buying behavior exploited by popular brands?
  29. The impulsive behavior of the consumer and the e-marketing
  30. The revolutionized marketing approach and the role played by the information technology
  31. The improvement of a firm’s performance through capital structure
  32. The investor attitudes towards the investments in the developing nations
  33. The implementation and the evolution of the investment banking decision in the market
  34. The influence on the cross-border financial investment through the European financial supervision     
  35. The emerging economies and influence of the foreign direct investment
  36. The promotion of the foreign direct investment in the diminishing marginal scale of economics
  37. The threats faced by the financial institutions in the international economic sphere 
  38. The determinants of foreign direct investment in the European economies: A case study of Spain
  39. Emerging economies and the impact of multinational trade agreements: The case study of China
  40. Can cryptocurrency be considered a suitable option to high risk and return premium
  41. The impact of UK financial institutions on the Brexit
  42. Promoting employee engagement and loyalty in the organizational culture
  43. The role of Customer Relationship Management: A case study of Puma
  44. The impact of gender on the entrepreneurial skills 
  45. The role of culture in organizational change
  46. The changing recruitment procedures through the online selection processes
  47. The factors which contribute to the ultimate resignation of the employee in an organization
  48. The efficiency of the performance appraisal system perceived by the workers in the IT sector
  49. The role of leadership motivation in the success or failure of an organization


So here we have landed on the 50 marketing topics. You can also take help from a good essay writing service in this regard. These are the most effective topics regarding marketing that can make a lasting impression on your reader.


The field of marketing is so diversified that a single topic can be discussed in various dimensions and still can lead to as many ideas as you want to get. So, it is better to find them through online websites or ask for suggestions from your peers and colleagues. 

Good luck with your work!



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